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Interview with pastry chef Luchia Chebotar of Qartuli.

Interview with Lucia Chebotar Pastry Chef of Qartuli.

We had the honor to speak with our Pastry Chef, the creator ofthe most delicious desserts. All gourmets of Moscow come here to taste these masterpieces.

What is the property of a pastry chef "outside the kitchen"? Lucia shared her story with us.

  • Lucia, please tell us how you came toprofession? Was it your childhood dream?

As a child, I was the sweet tooth. I remember me and my brother love to melt sugar to make caramel out of it. But most of all I loved chocolate. I think I'm eating it for kilograms. And also, dreamed of getting into the factory, to see the manufacturing process. I constantly asked dad to take me on excursion, but, unfortunately, at that time there were no such opportunities. However, I cannot say that I dreamed of becoming confectioner since childhood. But as you can see, I had everything prerequisites to become a confectioner.

  • Tell us, where did you get your higher education?

After high school, I entered an economic university. Worked in the office at the same time . But fate brought me to a man, who worked in a huge manufacturing plant chocolate modern desserts. After visiting this place I was impressed. I desided to stop my education and enter Mytishchi College to the profession of pastry chef.

  • How old were you at that time?

Then I was already 22 years old.

  • How long have you been working as a confectioner?

Since 2009. It's been 13 years already.

  • Do you attend cooking classes now?

To be honest, I used to be a frequent guest at master classes of Russian and foreign chefs. But I stopped attending them due to the fact that 25 or more people participate in the event. Unfortunately, you are not given the opportunity to try to cook dessert by yourself. Moreover, no one chief will ever reveal all the secrets. Now I am learning new recipes only in English by buying a book of famous confectioners. 

  • How are ideas for serving your author's desserts born?

The main criteria that define my desserts are classics, harmony, taste and aesthetics. For me, working with desserts is primarily a creative process. If we talk about the stages of creating any dessert, then, first of all, a visual image of the dessert appears in my imagination. After that, I think about the taste, texture, shape and serving. Then I come to work and start creating. Sometimes it happens that the final version may differ significantly from the original idea. 

  • What are your favorite ingredients?

I like to use all the ingredients, but I prefer chocolate more

  • Are there any confectionery trends? Do you follow new trends?

Trends exist! And they need to be monitored. We are living in a city where people travel to different countries, try something and want to repeat a "delicious" experience in Russia.However, in Qartuli we adhere to the classical direction: Napoleon,Pavlova dessert, apple strudel, churchkhela. After all, we are a Georgian restaurant and we never forget about traditions! But we certainly do not forget about trends. We can mix classic desserts with a "trending taste", therefore.

  • What advice would you give to beginners confectioners?

Practice makes perfect. You can become a successful pastry chef only through hard work. Discipline and constant self-development are needed here, as in any other profession. The main thing is to do your job with love ❤️